Tips on selling your Tenerife property

Last updated on October 02 2010
Selling your property in Tenerife - or anywhere else for that matter - will depend on what you want to sell, where it is and how much you want.

Now that you have decided that you wish to sell, invite a number of local estate agents around and ask them to value your property in today's market. What you need to know is what is the value of the property in today's current market. While we all want as much as we can get, it's only the realistically priced properties that sell in today's property market in Tenerife and elsewhere around the world.

Having valued your property using various agents you should now have an idea of what its true value is. How quickly you want to sell your property depends on your own personal circumstances; how badly do you want to sell?

If you need to return to your home country and need the money from the sale of your property to set up home there, can you hang on long enough to find the right buyer?

  • Instructing the agents - you now know how much you want and how soon you want to sell. No one knows more about your property than yourself so give the agent all the information and the details you can about the property and ensure that the pictures they take are suitably presented both in the shop and online. It's a fact that over 85% of people looking to buy a property abroad now use the internet as their primary source of investigation - so make sure when they see your property it's presented correctly. Tenerife's estate agents will allow you to instruct more than one agent so don't sign an exclusivity form unless you only want to use one agent.
  • Viewings - property viewings are necessary if you want to sell your house. Make sure the agent has done his job by ensuring the client is aware of the fact that your property is perhaps on the top floor and there is no lift or it's above a bar - so it wouldn't appeal to older or disabled clients. We have listed some of the well known facts about property presentation when trying to sell your house below.
  • Tidy Up - clean the house, wash the windows, wash up, move laundry, present your house like a show home.
  • Pets - we might love pets but we shouldn't expect others to, so move them to the outside when taking viewings or better still ask someone to take them for an hour or so. Move their things and make sure the property doesn't smell of pets.
  • Children - we all love our kids, but if you have unruly children then again ask someone to take them for an hour or so so they don't interrupt you while you are talking to potential buyers.
  • Aroma - make sure your house smells right. Before the viewers arrive open all your windows and let the fresh air percolate through your house. If necessary place some fragrant air fresheners around the property. Freshly baked cakes and bread and the smell of coffee are proven relaxants and give the property a homely smell.
  • Doors - Keep all doors closed during the inspection and allow the viewer to open the door and enter the room before you so they see the whole room at first glance without you blocking the entrance or the initial view.
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens - These two rooms alone can sell a house. Ensure that your kitchen and bathroom are clean and tidy and very well presented if you want to appeal to the lady viewer.
  • Garage - if you have one, try to show the fact that you can actually get a car in it. Don't let viewers see your garage full of clutter.
  • Outside/Gardens - if you have gardens or terraces once again present them nicely. Clean away any unruly weeds and spend a little on touching up some of the paintwork, present the garden as nicely as possible avoid clutter in the garden.
If you have ever felt that when you have viewed a property, the owners haven't taken time or care presenting their house for sale you will know what we mean.


you've had a couple of viewings and perhaps someone has made an offer - great news! Now it's down to your agent to make the preparations and get a deposit. Fingers crossed all will go ahead without any glitch and you can move on with your life.

What if there have been no offers?

What if the property has been on the market for months without even a drive by? - Well, if your property hasn't attracted anyone to view you may need to review a number of issues including:

  1. Your price
  2. Your Agent

Is the price right?

Is your agent marketing the property in the right way? Are you appealing to young buyers, older families, singles? What's the competition like in your immediate area? - These are all considerations you need to watch on a weekly basis to keep ahead of what is happening on the property market in your area and to react to it quickly. A good agent would keep you abreast on this and other information affecting the sale of your property and he should also feedback to you on what clients are saying about your property good or bad. When all else fails sometimes its better to rethink the whole process of moving - perhaps it just isn't the right time to be selling in your area in which case you would be better off waiting until the market has turned or alternatively you could end up selling your property for far less than it is worth especially in a buyers market.

Whatever you choose in your quest for a sale, we wish you every success!